25 thoughts on “Full Performance of “Closer” from “Feud” | GLEE”

  1. I like the original song a lot but I LOVE this one probably because of the mix of boys and girls voices also the key of this version makes it sound more fun and happy… is that just me?

  2. So much complainig can you please let Alex live his dream if amber riley, samuel larsen, dianna arlgron etc……, come back its fine but please just shut up and ENJOY THE MUSIC

  3. oh god no. why? they just fucked up the song. and now Tegan and Sara are mainstream
    -_- i would only be ok with it if Quin was singing it

  4. ikr she looks like a her grandmas curtains and Adele’s dress from the grammys had a baby who barfed on Marley

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