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  1. vote for Samantha jade Australia x factor on Mondays and Tuesdays she rocks and she so deserves these break please you can vote on Facebook just type in the search box x factor Australia and vote please, she amazing and her voice is magical vote please,i can’t see Sammy’s live performance until they post it on you tube but i know shes gonna be great so i vote like crazy. please vote Samantha jade #1

  2. lol who. even. cares. no offense or anything, but you’re getting a little too into this considering nothing you say is going to change anything miley does.

  3. To you people who thinks she’s too young to get engaged…lets face the fact..she’s practically living her life in the entertainment world..u expect her to grow up like a normal kid does??? your kids are not celebs nor are you..with that being said you would not understand how much struggle they go through to compete with each other in the entertainment biz…yes she might get divorced at age 25 but at least she lived her life…with all that struggle about past rumors dont u think its time ?

  4. Getting an education? Do you have any idea how much money she makes? Olsen twins also suffered from a massive drug abuse problem, and are quite obviously anorexic. Great role models there, huh.

  5. Thank you for your kind words. I really care about this young lady, because like many of my students, I have watched her grow up. One of the most painful experiences of being a teacher and parent is burying a child early or seeing them go from good to bad! When this goes on before my eyes, I ask myself if I did the right thing. If I could have helped more or done more. This whole Miley fiasco hurts because I have to keep explaining Miley’s (at times) poor choices to my child. It’s not funny!

  6. All very well said. Lovely to see anyone make a good, well thought out point other than “Omg but i luv herrr! Miley rules! Let her do what she wants! She doesn’t want to be a role model!”

  7. People change a lot at that age. If they are really in love, they should be able to wait and be sure they’re right for each other. Better safe than divorced before age 25.

  8. That being said, sometimes people like Miley need to be honestly talked to. How many times have we seen the Miley’s of this world make mistakes, because the people they thought cared for them didn’t? Parents and some fans have the unpleasant job of saying “No, that ain’t right”. I’m not talking bad of Miley or calling her names. I’m only saying if she were my daughter I would cherish her enough to say no and give her tough love. Such parents are well valued and children appreciate it later.

  9. As a sociologist and educator, part of my job description is to guide young people in making good decisions. Likes it or not Miley is a role model. I’ve never disputed that she hasn’t done anything with her life. What upsets me is that young children emulate her. I’m well within my free speech rights to say she displays questionable behavior ie lap dance at 16, that her parents should be guiding her more and that she should first get an education (perfect her voice skills) and then get married!

  10. As a sociologist, part of my job is watching young people make mistakes which will effect them for the rest of their lives. Marriage, having a child and moving out of the house are huge steps not to be taken lightly. As a parent I wouldn’t support such behavior, because my job is to help people who HAVE made mistakes–both rich and poor.! Most parents are very level headed when it comes to offspring getting married and don’t support early marriage. As for statistic, see the 2010 US Census!

  11. I have to disagree to some extent. Yes, she should be focusing on her career a bit more; as a Miley fan, I so desperately want to see her do something successful. But, school will always be there. I think it’s unfair to say she stopped being a role model at any point in her career. She’s not a little girl anymore and won’t be doing little girl things. I do agree though that she is too young to get married.

  12. @fredrika27 Wow, wasting her talent on the man she loves. I bet that’s something your children would like to have said about them when they get older. With you sense, if your children wanted to get married at that age, you’d deny them of that? Where’d you even get that “statistic”, because I’m sure that’s not just under 21 marriages.

  13. @fredrika27 Yes, I’m not a parent. But who are you to try and parent someone elses children. If you don’t like the behaviour she displays, don’t let your kids watch her. She never asked to be someones role model, and she never asked to be held to these standards. She is an adult, and can make her own decisions without your approval. How has she not done anything with her life? She has a huge career.

  14. What do I like about Michael Buckley? He’s honest when it comes to discussions. He tells young people the truth even if it hurts! Only one marriage in four survives the test of time for under 21! Even Princess Diana who married at 20 divorced! Young people should know marriage isn’t to be taken lightly. The more experience a person is when starting a family, the greater the chances of success! Miley has choices, which many people don’t have. She shouldn’t waste her talent making poor decisions!

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