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Passenger train slams into derailed train in western India, killing 1

MUMBAI, INDIA (BNO NEWS) — A passenger train collided with derailed coaches of another train in western India on late Thursday evening, killing at least one person and injuring more than a dozen others, railway officials said on Friday.

The collision occurred at around 9:30 p.m. local time on Thursday near the town of Kasara in the Thane district of Maharashtra state, some 87 kilometers (54 miles) northeast of Mumbai. It happened shortly after a Central Railway suburban train had derailed due to a landslide in the area.

Railway officials said four coaches of the Central Railway suburban train derailed and ended up on another track which is used by long-distance trains. The Mumbai-Gondia Vidarbha Express attempted to make an emergency stop when the train driver spotted the derailed train, but the vehicle was unable to stop in time and slammed into the derailed coaches.

The powerful impact threw at least one coach of the Express train off its track, according to video from the scene. Officials said at least one person was killed, identified as 65-year-old Shakeela Quereshi of Titwala in Thane district, while 13 others were injured. Four of those injured were in a critical condition.

India’s railroad network is the fourth largest in the world and carries more than 14 million passengers and over a million tonnes of freight daily. But accidents are common, mainly as a result of poor maintenance and human error.

On May 22, at least 25 people were killed and more than 70 others were injured when a Hampi Express train crashed into a stationary freight train at the rail station in Penukonda, a small town in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh state. Investigators said the Hampi Express train likely crossed a red signal, either by a fault on the train driver’s part or because of a technical problem.

And in July 2011, a total of 70 people were killed and more than 300 others were injured when a passenger train bound for the Indian capital of New Delhi derailed in Uttar Pradesh state. Just hours later, another passenger train derailed in western Assam state, injuring around 50 people.

11 killed when trailer slams into minibus in southern Chile

CAÑETE, CHILE (BNO NEWS) — Eleven people were killed on late Wednesday morning when the trailer of a lumber truck decoupled and slammed into an oncoming passenger minibus in southern Chile, local authorities said on Thursday. Fifteen others were injured.

The accident occurred at around 11:40 a.m. local time on the Lanalhue Bridge, which connects Cañete and Tirua in the province of Arauco, located in the Bio-Bio Region of the country. It happened when the trailer of a cargo truck carrying lumber decoupled, veered onto the other lane and slammed into the minibus.

Arauco Governor Flor Weisse initially said ten people were killed, but police later confirmed the death toll had risen to eleven. Among those killed were four men, including the bus driver, five women and two children. At least fifteen others were injured and transported to the nearby Cañete Hospital, where some remained in a critical condition.

The passenger minibus was operated by Hanga Roa, which provides a shuttle service between Cañete and Tirua.

In November 2010, nineteen people were killed and twenty others were seriously injured when a truck collided head-on with a bus near Santiago in central Chile. The collision happened when the bus suddenly attempted to stop and made an evasive maneuver, crossing into the lane for oncoming traffic. President Sebastián Piñera said at the time it was one of the worst road accidents in the country in many years.

49 dead, more than 600 injured as Argentina train slams into station

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (BNO NEWS) — At least 49 people were killed on Wednesday when a packed commuter train slammed into the end of the line in Buenos Aires’ busy Once station, officials said. More than 600 others were injured.

The train derailed after hitting the barrier at the end of the platform at Once station in the Argentina capital, killing 49 people and leaving more than 600 others injured. Several others were still trapped inside the train on early Wednesday afternoon, the El Clarín newspaper reported.

The most critically injured were rushed to hospitals throughout the capital and nearby cities, while paramedics were also treating scores of victims at the scene of the disaster. Survivors said that many people were injured in a jumble of metal and glass.

Transport Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi said the train failed to stop at the lights and collided into the platform. He said the train, which was carrying more than 800 passengers on their daily commute, was traveling at 20 kilometers (12 miles) per hour when the accident occurred.

The head of the city’s emergency services, Alberto Crescenti, said the number of casualties could increase. It is the country’s worst rail disaster since February 1970 when two trains collided north of Buenos Aires, killing more than 140 people and leaving 360 others injured.

In September 2011, at least eleven people were killed and more than 200 others were injured when two passenger trains and a bus collided in Buenos Aires province. It was followed by an accident in November when a freight train collided with a school bus in central Argentina, killing eight people.

Indian activist slams police restrictions on his anti-corruption fast

NEW DELHI (BNO NEWS) — Indian activist Anna Hazare on Saturday slammed authorities for imposing restrictions on his planned fast against corruption, the Hindustan Times reported.

Hazare wrote to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ahead of his fast and slammed the conditions imposed by Delhi Police on him for giving permission to fast. He questioned the rule under which restrictions are being imposed on him by police and said that no democracy has such restrictions for a peaceful protest.

The 73-year-old plans to start fasting on August 16 and to continue until the government passes an anti-corruption bill. However, Delhi police only gave him permission to fast for no more than three days. Hazare has refused to sign an undertaking that the fast will end within that period of time.

Earlier this month, supporters of Hazare burned copies of the government’s version of the Lokpal bill and slammed the legislation for exempting the prime minister, the judiciary and lawmakers. They called it the “anti-poor” law for excluding the office of the Prime Minister from the purview of a new ombudsman.

Hazare threatened to continue protesting the exclusion of some recommendations made by civil society representatives from the bill until August 16. The Gandhian social activist went on hunger strike in April to force the government to form a joint panel of ministers and activists to draft the Lokpa bill.

The bill follows a series of corruption scandals involving government officials. Transparency International ranked India, one of few yet to ratify the United Nations convention against corruption, at 78, placing it below neighboring rival China.

UN envoy slams Israel’s plan for new housing in East Jerusalem

UNITED NATIONS (BNO NEWS) — The United Nations has said Israel’s announced plan to develop new housing units in East Jerusalem is a “provocative action” which undermines the peace process with Palestinians.

Robert Serry, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, expressed alarm at Israel’s plans and noted that the Quartet – the diplomatic grouping of the UN, the European Union, Russia and the United States – condemned it when its initial planning stage was announced last year.

“If confirmed, this provocative action undermines ongoing efforts by the international community to bring the parties back to negotiations,” Serry said.

Israel on Thursday announced plans to develop new units in East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as capital of their future State, including 1,600 units in Ramat Shlomo. The announcement comes after Israel lifted last September a 10-month freeze on settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have been stalled since Israel refused to extend the freeze. Palestine demanded a stop to settlement construction in the East Jerusalem and West Bank area as a key element for continuing peace talks, aimed at reaching a two-state solution based in the 1967 Green Line.

Serry said that the announcement comes only one week after a separate decision by the Israeli government to build 900 additional housing units in another settlement in East Jerusalem, which was criticized by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He added that he would take up the latest issue with the Quartet, which is seeking peace based on two states, Israel and Palestine.

East Jerusalem was captured by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967, when it also occupied the West Bank and Gaza, which the Palestinians seek as constituent parts of their State.

China: Eight killed when overcrowded van slams into truck

WENZHOU, CHINA (BNO NEWS) — Eight people were killed on early Thursday morning when an overcrowded van slammed into the rear of a heavy haul trailer on a highway in east China, state-run media reported.

The accident happened at around 4.49 a.m. local time on a highway which links Ningbo and Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, located in the country’s east. All the casualties were on the van, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

Xinhua said the van had only three seats but was carrying a total of 12 people, eight of whom were hidden in the van’s carriage compartment. Eight of those on the van were killed when the vehicle slammed into a trailer, while four others were seriously injured.

The cause of the accident is being investigated.

Russia slams NATO targeting of Gaddafi

MOSCOW (BNO NEWS) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that declaring Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi and his relatives a legitimate target of NATO attacks is “going overboard,” RIA Novosti reported.

“The coalition is, in effect, openly declaring that its task is regime change [in Libya]. That Gaddafi and his relatives…are a legitimate target. This is over the top,” he said in an interview with the Moskovksie Novosti daily to be published on Thursday.

“There is only one way out. An immediate ceasefire, as Russia has already proposed at the Security Council. Then a search for a solution through mediation,” he added.

On April 30, a NATO airstrike in a residential area of Tripoli killed the youngest son of Gaddafi and three of his grandchildren. The NATO-led airstrike destroyed a building where Gaddafi was staying along with relatives and friends.

The North African country has been marred with violence since February after protests emerged against the long-standing regime of Muammar Gadaffi. NATO took control of foreign military operations in Libya on March 31 under the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973, which authorizes member states to take ‘all necessary measures’ to protect civilians in the country.

NATO forces from several countries have carried out a series of air strikes against government forces and installations since the launch of Operation Unified Protector, the codename for NATO’s operation in Libya. But fighting has continued despite the military action.

The ongoing civil war between rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi has so far claimed at least 2,000 lives since unrest began in mid-February. Other estimates put the death toll from all sides, including civilians, at up to 10,000.

Fidel Castro slams ‘assassination’ of unarmed bin Laden

HAVANA, CUBA (BNO NEWS) — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro on Thursday slammed the ‘assassination’ of Osama bin Laden who was reportedly unarmed when U.S. Special Forces shot at him.

According to the state-run Cuban News Agency, Castro criticized that the al-Qaeda leader was shot dead in front of his children and wives, who are now under the custody of the authorities of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Castro aid that in the years before Sunday’s special operation, the U.S. has violated the laws of Pakistan as well as offended its national dignity and desecrated its religious tradition.

“Having assassinated him and plunging his corpse into the bottom of the sea is an expression of fear and insecurity which turn him into a far more dangerous person;” added the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Castro also warned U.S. President Barack Obama and the American people that this act will multiply the feelings of hatred and revenge against them, far from ensuring the safety of the citizens.

On May 1, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was shot dead during a special operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The top secret mission was a success and Bin Laden’s body was later buried at sea.

Castro said that Cuba expressed its solidarity to the U.S. following the September 11 terrorist attacks which were ordered by Bin Laden. However, he remarked that the decision to killing an unarmed man was disgraceful.

“Bin Laden was, for many years, a friend of the U.S., a country that gave him military training. But, whatever the actions attributed to him, the assassination of an unarmed human being while surrounded by his own relatives is something abhorrent.”

Finally, Castro highlighted that the U.S. cannot justify its actions as the retaliation for the death of around 3,000 citizens in the 2001 attacks as they have done much more damage to families in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Millions of citizens were taken from their villages in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and many other countries of the world. Hundreds of thousands of children were forced to grow up without their mothers and fathers and the parents who would never know the feeling of their child’s embrace.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu slams Palestine’s unity efforts

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL (BNO NEWS) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday slammed Palestine’s unity efforts between Hamas and Fatah, the Jeruslamen Post reported.

Netanyahu questioned the Palestinian Authority (PA) for wanting to be in peace with both Hamas and Israel as the West Bank-based group has repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish country.

The PM said that the Palestinian reconciliation was not approved by his government as Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by Israel. Netanyahu compared a peace agreement with Hamas with one with Al-Qaeda.

The Israeli PM also announced that he will travel to Moscow next Thursday to hold meetings with Russian leaders. He is expected to protest Russian missile sales to Syria and other bilateral and regional issues.

On Wednesday, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said that he was ready to visit Gaza for the firs time in four years to hold talks with Hamas leaders in order to achieve unity between the two Palestinian factions.

On Tuesday, thousands of Palestinians protested in the streets of Gaza calling for unity and an end to the division between the two main political factions, Fatah and Hamas. The demonstration was staged by young people who called the rallies the “March 15 Youth Movement.”

Most of the pro-unity protesters gathered at the Gaza’s Unknown Soldier Square. The objective of the demonstrations was demanding the end of Palestinian political division through elections that include all Palestinians.

In February, PA President Abbas announced the dissolution of the cabinet in an attempt to ensure domestic stability. He also announced that next September the long overdue elections will be held if both factions participate.

Abbas has been criticized for the poor functioning of his government as well as the stalled talks with Israel in order to achieve peace ion the region and establish a Palestinian state.

The PA has a limited mandate in the occupied West Bank as it lost control of the Gaza Strip to Hamas in 2007, the Islamist group which rejects permanent co-existence with Israel.

Iran slams military intervention in Libya

TEHRAN (BNO NEWS) — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast denounced on Tuesday as “unacceptable” any foreign military intervention in Libya, Press TV reported.

Mehmanparast told reporters at his weekly press conference that certain countries, particularly the United States, have used “defending the rights of Libyan people” as a pretext for their “military intervention, occupation of the region and establishment of military bases.”

He added that Iran strongly condemns the killings of innocent people and military options in any country, and called on all countries to help meet demands of the Libyan people. The spokesman further pointed out that the ongoing developments in Middle Eastern and North African countries were a “blow to the interests of certain Western countries and supporters of the Zionist regime.”

“They are making great efforts to portray that events similar to what is currently taking place in North African and Middle Eastern states will also unravel in independent and influential countries in the region such as the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the spokesman said.

“This is a huge deception in terms of political maneuvering and media ploys employed by Western countries that always claim to defend democracy and human rights,” he stressed, as cited by Press TV.

Other countries, including Afghanistan, Russia and Saudi Arabia, have also warned against international military intervention. U.S. President Barack Obama said that his government was preparing a full range of options to respond to Libya’s crisis, including coordinating with allies and partners as well as with multilateral institutions.

Meanwhile, forces loyal to Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi have launched more airstrikes on strategically important areas held by revolutionary forces.

Britain and France are stepping up their efforts to put in place a no-fly zone over Libya. A UN resolution is being drafted to be debated by NATO defense ministers on Thursday.

On Sunday, the European Union (EU) announced that EU High Representative Catherine Ashton sent a technical fact-finding mission to Libya to assess humanitarian and evacuation efforts on the ground to make an appraisal of what may be needed in terms of additional support. The mission is the first international mission of its kind to the country since the recent violence.

Since February 15, massive protests have demanded the resignation of Muammar Gaddafi, who has been in power for 42 years. According to international organizations, around 6,000 people have already been killed during the violence.